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Smith Angus is a fifth generation ranch that goes all the way back to 1884 when Abraham and Rebecca settled 27 miles southeast of Bassett, Nebraska.  Dedication to the highest quality cattle, a lot of hard work, and a few generations later, the ranch is operated by Kent & Faye Smith. Kent & Faye proudly started the registered cattle herd in 1988 by purchasing the K Plus herd. Their children, Trevor & Cameron, both grew up contributing to the ranch and learning how to continue the values of dedication, hard work, and harder working cattle. Trevor and his wife, Amber, are currently residing in Montana with their two children, Aubrey & Teddy (the sixth generation of Smith’s). Cameron has returned to the ranch and is working with his parents to continue to improve the genetics they provide to their customers in order to increase performance and profitability.

We would love to share a more detailed history of Smith Angus with you through this link!


It's not about fancy talk and pretty pictures, it's about numbers that perform. It's about building maternal traits that lead to quality calves and longevity in the herd. We work to provide genetic opportunities for our customers that lead to optimum progeny performance and ideal herd development. At the end of the day producers need optimum genetic performance and maximized profitability, and here at Smith Angus Ranch, we look to provide the sires that will achieve that for our producers.


We stand behind what we produce.  We believe in building genetic opportunities that will establish an elevated level of performance and superiority. We invite you to come and view the bulls anytime at the ranch before sale day. Even after the sale is over, we work to make sure your breeding needs are met. We guarantee you will enjoy your experience buying bulls from us and benefit from what a Smith Angus bull can do for your herd.


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